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Hello friends, my name is Chirag Suthar, and welcome to all of you in another unique article. In today’s article, I will tell you about ten crucial questions and answers of 02 March 2023 Current Affairs.

02 March 2023 Current Affairs

02 March 2023 Current Affairs
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In today’s article, I will tell all of you about the top 10 news of the country and the world, which will increase the reading level of your people. Please read this article from beginning to end.

Q. Central and state governments collected ₹________ trillion in goods and services tax (GST) in February 2023, up around 12% on an annual basis.

  1. 1.46
  2. 1.49
  3. 1.55
  4. 150

Q. Who has been appointed as the Vice Chief of the Army Staff on 1 March 2023?

  1. Girish Kalia
  2. A.P. Singh 
  3. MV Suchindra Kumar
  4. Pankaj Mohan

Q. According to a joint report published by the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA), which states have made maximum progress towards clean electricity transition?

  1. Tamil Nadu and Telangana
  2. Karnataka and Gujarat
  3. Telangana and Kerala
  4. Kerala and ​Karnataka

Q. Where did the G20 meeting of the Anti-Corruption Working Group begin on 1 March 2023?

  1. Hubballi
  2. Ghaziabad
  3. Gurugram
  4. Pune

Q. Who assumed the charge of Principal Director General, Press Information Bureau in March 2023?

  1. Shailesh Pathak 
  2. Rajeev Raghuvanshi 
  3. K Satyanarayana Raju
  4. Rajesh Malhotra

Q. Bola Tinubu has been sworn in as President of which country in March 2023?

  1. Nigeria
  2. Senegal
  3. Nicaragua
  4. Zimbabwe

Q. In March 2023, Moody’s Investors Service has raised India’s economic growth estimate for 2023 to how much per cent from 4.8 per cent pegged earlier?

  1. 3.2
  2. 4.4
  3. 5.5
  4. 5.4

Q. Which state presented a green budget of Rs 3,14,025 crore on 1 March 2023?

  1. Bihar
  2. Uttar Pradesh
  3. Madhya Pradesh
  4. Gujarat

Q. The Second Environment and Climate Sustainability Working Group (ECSWG) meeting will be held in which state from 27 to 29 March 2023?

  1. Karnataka
  2. Gujarat 
  3. Tamil Nadu
  4. Rajasthan

Q. The G20 Foreign Ministers meeting will be held in which city from 1st to 2nd March 2023?

  1. Surat
  2. Imphal
  3. Agra
  4. New Delhi

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