Aadhaar Card Closed News

Aadhar Card Closed Aadhar Cards are being closed from 30th September People were stunned to hear the truth: Aadhar Card Closed We will tell you about how much truth is coming about it In fact, Aadhar cards are being made, such a government order has come, we will tell you about it.

Aadhaar Card Closed News

Aadhar card is currently necessary for all government schemes. Aadhar card has become such an essential document in the life of a person, in which he uses it for all the works, if there is no Aadhar card, then the facilities provided by the government, education and other Aadhar card may be deprived of facilities, so it is necessary for everyone to have Aadhar card but at present news is coming that Aadhar card will be closed for persons above 5 years. At present, Aadhar card is most essential for banking services in the bank Bank account is not opened without Aadhar card, apart from this, wheat kerosene rice given by the food department is also not given.

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An order has been issued by the government regarding the Aadhar card, the news has been published in the newspapers that there is no new Aadhar enrollment of persons above 5 years of age at the Aadhar Enrollment Center from October 1, 2022, in this regard UIDAI Government of India. An order has been issued by us, a copy of which we have attached here. There is no bar on making Aadhar card The confusion is being spread by some people that after 30th September, the Aadhaar card will not be made after the age of 5 years, which is wrong, no such order has been issued by UIDAI.

This news is not needed to more and more people so that people can get the right news at the right time.

Aadhaar Card News Update

News has been published in the newspapers about the non-enrolment of new Aadhar enrollment of persons above 5 years of age at Aadhar Enrollment Centers from 01.10.2022. In this regard, UIDAI Ministry of Electronics and IT, Government of India has issued Office Memorandum Letter No. HQ-16011/2/2022-EU-1-HQ, copy of which is attached, hence Mr. Privileged, UIDAI. Information Technology and Communication Department, Headquarters Jaipur has clarified that

  • The basis for all age groups will continue to be formed as before.
  • There is no restriction on making new bases.
  • This illusion is being spread by the total people that after 30th September, the basis of age above 5 years will not be made which is wrong.
  • No such instructions have been issued.

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Aadhaar Card Closed News24/09/2022
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Aadhar Card Closed News Are Aadhar Cards getting closed?

Yes, Aadhar card is not getting closed.

What is the process of making Aadhaar Card Closed News.

There has been no change in the process of making Aadhar card.

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