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Hello my name is Chirag and in today’s article, I am going to tell you about the business that runs in the village for 12 months of the year and about the business idea that gives more profit in less cost, in this article. In the article, we will answer all your questions in easy language like – How to do business in the village? Will there be any benefit from doing business in the village or not?

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Most unemployed people in India live in villages, because there is a lack of businesses around the village, due to which the youth of the village remain unemployed and in the end they start doing farming. Most of the people in Gganwo are farmers and brothers, so they are looking for a good job.

Many of you will be from villages, who are in search of a good business, then you have come to the right article because in this article we are going to talk about business in the village. In this article, we will look at all those business which can make the most profit at the lowest cost.

If we start a business, then it is necessary to have some knowledge about it because if we do not have much knowledge about that business, then somewhere we can not make so much profit from the business, so you should have a business running in the village. I will provide complete information about Gaon me chalne wala business in a simple language so that you people can get complete information about Gaon me chalne wala business .

We all know that the people living in the villages do most of the business of grocery stores, although this much profit cannot be earned but the house can run, we are not going to tell you about this type of business in this article. Because I have already told you that in this article we are going to talk about low cost and more profitable business.

Village Business | Gaon me chalne wala Business in English

In this article, in front of you all, we will talk about business like Threshing Business, Coaching Center, Construction Material Supply, Date Farming, Fisheries, Milk Dairy, Poultry Farming, Tent Business, Pickle Business, Motorcycle Repairing, which That will give you more profit at less cost in villages. The business running in the village is as follows –

  1. computer center
  2. Threshing Business
  3. coaching center
  4. supply construction materials
  5. date palm farming business
  6. fish farming business
  7. poultry farming business
  8. tent business
  9. business of ethics
  10. motorcycle repairing business

I will tell you about all these businesses one by one, in detail and in a complete way, how you can start your business and earn a lot of money from it, so let’s talk about all those businesses one by one. Will do that which can give good profit at low cost in the villages.

earn money by opening computer center in village

The number one business in the list of business running in the village is to earn profit from computer center, how you can earn money by opening computer center, all that information will be made available to you here.

We can get more profit by opening computer centers in villages because we do not need much money to open computer centers, and looking at today’s trend, the most advantageous business computer center can be because Nowadays the world has become digital, the elders of the village send their children to any city away from the village to get computer education so that they can learn the computer.

Computer education nowadays everyone wants to learn, but it is often difficult to get computer education facilities in villages, so the people of the village have to go away from the village to the city to get computer education so that they can learn computer, so this is how If we open a computer center in the village, then those who go outside the village to learn computers, they will not go to the city and start teaching computers in the villages and can further their business.

How much does it cost to open a computer center?

You can earn a lot by opening a computer center, but you should also know how much it costs to open a computer center and what things we need.

Before opening a computer center, it is very important for us to have a little computer knowledge ourselves, if we do not have much knowledge about computers, then we will not be able to teach people about computers well and business will not be successful.

To open a computer center, we need a room for one and it is necessary to have 4 to 5 computers, if there are 4 to 5 computers in the beginning, then it will run, after that if more people come to learn computer then we number of computers. can increase in

If we consider the cost of computers as 15 thousand rupees, then the cost of 4 computers will be 30,000, as people start coming to our center, our business will continue to grow, if we charge 300 rupees per month from 1 person, then if the village If 40 people come to our computer center, then we will start earning about Rs 12,000 per month from them.

In computer center, we can also reduce through courses like RS-CIT, an RS-CIT course costs about Rs 2800, if we get only 20 admissions from RS-CIT, then we get about 56,000 rupees for those 20 admissions. meet |

Computer center is one of the best business to run in villages, because in this we have to invest only once, after that we get more profit, if you people also want to open computer center in your village then you can easily To open the center, you have to follow the above-mentioned idea.

earn money by doing threshing business in village

Most of the people of the village are farmers, because of this, if you bring a threshing machine to the village and do business with it, then you have chances of making a lot of profit because the farmers in the village have to use machines for threshing. |

Many of my brothers may not understand the meaning of threshing, so I will also tell you that threshing means separating wheat and any grain from straw, it is called threshing. Threshing machine business is one of the big business running in the villages.

Today’s world has become modern and machines have also become advanced in today’s world, earlier the grain is done by different people, but in today’s time people use machines to separate the grain from the straw so that the time can be saved

How much does threshing business cost?

Hope you all are not bored yet and I hope you do not get bored while reading this article, Threshing business is a business in which you have to invest at one time, then One Time Investment, if you If you buy a threshing machine, then a tractor is needed to run it.

Threshing machine will cost you about 1,50,000 in the market and the cost of tractor will be up to 6 lakhs, Threshing machine has become an essential resource for the farmers because nowadays no one has time to do threshing.

Since threshing machines have started coming, farmers have got a lot of ease, due to threshing machine, farmers’ time is not wasted, in today’s era, where people understand better to get all the work done by machine, in such a way, the business of threshing in villages Good profit can be earned by doing

earn money by opening coaching center in village

Good profits can be earned by opening coaching centers in villages, there are not many sources to study in villages, in such a situation, if we give facilities to people to study in villages, then somewhere our business will grow and we will get benefit from it.

In the present time, the importance of education has become so much that everyone wants to give good education to their children, and teachers are needed to get good education, if we reach this facility in villages through coaching centers. can |

How much does a coaching center cost?

Hope all of you people have come to know that what is a coaching center, how much profit is there, so I will also tell you all about the cost of opening coaching center in villages, to open coaching center in any village. We need investment only once, we have to invest only once which is board, table stool etc.

Normally 20 to 30 thousand rupees can be spent to open a coaching center, first of all a room will be required to open a village coaching center, and a blackboard should be arranged for the students to sit, if we consider all these investments. So we get around 30 thousand, and its profit is many more because in this we need to invest money only once.

construction material supply business

The business of supplying construction material in the villages is the most profitable business because some work goes on for the development of the village in the villages and if we do the business of supplying construction material in it, then we can get a lot of profit from it.

We need a tractor to supply construction material, because wherever government or private work is going on, we need a tractor to supply the material, so if we do this business well then We have chances of getting more profit at less cost.

How much does it cost to supply construction materials?

To do the business of construction material supply, we need a tractor, usually the price of the tractor is between 7 to 9 lakhs, if we want to start this business, then we have to spend 7 to lakhs, and we If we handle this business well then we can get earning up to 4000 daily.

In the business of supplying construction material, we have to invest only one time in this business, after this we get many more profits, if our business runs well, then we can make a profit of about 3000 to 4000 or even more a day. is |

Earn money by doing date palm farming business in villages

We can start date palm farming business without any investment, date palm farming refers to the food item which mixes with the growing dates in our fields, people like to eat dates, we have dates in the market. You can earn good profit by selling without any investment.

fish farming business

The most publicized business in the villages is that of fish farming, to start this business, we need a call which is available in everyone’s village, we can do fish farming business from the village level and many more. Can reduce profits

All the parts of the fish are very economical, from the scale of the fish to its whole body is very beneficial for the people, because of this, if you do the business of fish farming, then there is a chance of profit without any investment.

earning money by doing poultry farming business in villages

Friends, as all of you will know that how much profit we get from poultry farming, we can earn a lot of money by doing poultry farming business by staying in the village.

We need less money for poultry farming, profit is maximum in this business, we can earn a lot of money from chickens by raising poultry, we can earn good income from chicken by selling their eggs.

earn money by doing tent business in villages

Even by doing tent business in the villages, we can make a living for our house, money is needed in the beginning to start the tent business, after that we can earn a lot of money from this business. Weddings and other programs are also taking place in villages, in which tents are required, in such a situation, if we start tent business in villages, then we can get a lot of benefits from it.

There are many programs in the villages like marriage, tents are required to provide shade to the guests in the wedding, so if we start tent business in our village itself, then by tying tents in all the programs going on in the village. We can earn good money from it.

How much does it cost to start a tent business?

You all must know that good money can be earned by starting a tent business, but in this article I will also tell you how much we will have to spend to start this business, and should we start this business? To do this only one time investment will have to be made? I will tell you the answer of such questions in the next line.

To start a tent business in villages, it can cost around 30 to 40 thousand rupees, you will have to do this expenditure at one time and later you can earn a lot of profit from it.

Earn money by doing business of pickle in villages

To start the business of pickle in the villages, we will need only mango tree, we can start the business of pickle from the mango tree and we can earn maximum profit from it, we need to start the business of pickle in villages. Does not require much cost.

By doing business of pickles in villages, we can grow our business even to the urban people, we do not need much cost to start the business of pickles and this gives us maximum profit.

earn money by opening motorcycle repairing business in villages

By starting a motorcycle repairing business, we can earn maximum profit in the villages at the lowest cost, the business of motor cycle repairing is one of the all-time business, to open a motorcycle repair business, first of all we have to be aware of that work. is necessary.

If we start the business of motor cycle, then every day there is some problem in the bikes, tractors and other motor vehicles in the villages, so if we do this business in the villages then all the people will come to us and this will help us a lot. can earn money

These 10 such businesses have been shared in front of you, which can be opened and earn money in the villages, if you open the above business in your villages, then you can earn more profit in these businesses, all the businesses mentioned above provide maximum profits in the villages. Doing business, if you people want to read about more business then you can join our whatsapp group, the link of which has been given to you below.

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